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Save up to 24 euros every year

Book your Online-Bonus and save up to 24 euros every year on your power and gas contracts.*
It‘s that simple:


  • Register now for our online service or log in with your registration data.
  • Choose ‘product optimization’ and select the contract you would like to use for the bonus.
  • After optimization, you will receive your annual invoice and any additional documents quickly and simply through the online service.
  • By using the online service system, you can also update your meter readings, change your details and much more – from the comfort of your home and around the clock.

Register now!

*valid for the following products


What do I have to do to receive the Online-Bonus?

In order to receive the Online-Bonus, you must be registered with our online service. If you are already using it, you can find ‘product optimization’ in the drop-down menu under ‘My Products and Contracts’.

If you are not currently using STAWAG for your power or gas, you can still register for the Online-Bonus directly via our price calculator. After the contract has been accepted, you just have to confirm your registration with our online service to receive the bonus.

Once you register for the Online-Bonus, you will only receive a few documents by post, as the rest will be sent directly through the online service. An e-mail will inform you when you have received new documents.

Which products are eligible for the bonus?

The bonus of 12 euros per contract applies for all power and/or gas contracts currently on offer. You can find an overview of all eligible products here.

For example: if you receive eco-power and have chosen GasSTA® Plus for natural gas, you will receive a twelve-euro bonus for each of the contracts. Your annual invoice would then be reduced by 24 euros in total.

How is the bonus credited?

The amount is credited to your annual or final invoice.

Will I only receive documents online?

After converting to the online option, you will receive the most important documents, such as your initial welcome letter and annual invoices, through the password-protected online portal.

Will I still be able to contact the customer hotline if I have any queries?

Yes. You will of course continue to have full access to our customer services center. You can reach us between Monday and Friday from 7:30 to 18:00 on 0241 181-1222.

Why do I not receive an Online-Bonus for all products?

We only offer an Online-Bonus for our standard products. You still have the option of swapping to online correspondence for all other products, but you will not receive a bonus. You can see an overview for all products that are not eligible for an Online-Bonus here.


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